Fuel Injector Socket Set (12-Point 17mm) XD393 XDP


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The XDP Fuel Injector Socket Set (12-Point 17mm) XD393 is a must-have for fuel injector removal and installation on the 2011-2020 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke engine. This 12-point, 17mm socket set Features a unique design that allows you to reach the fuel injector regardless of angle.

The extended length of the socket gives you the ability to spin the socket underneath fuel lines so they can be properly installed. Using the proper tools saves you time, money, and helps eliminate mistakes like broken electrical connectors.


  • 12-Point, 17mm Socket
  • Reach Fuel Injector Regardless Of Angle
  • Helps Eliminate Damage To Electrical Connectors
  • Crows Foot Design - For Easy Torquing Of Injector and Line