XWS-5000 1-12 Inch Transfer Tank Filter FASS


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FASS Fuel Systems Xws-5000 1-12 inch Transfer Tank Fuel Filter (Xws-5000). FASS Diesel Fuel Systems Extreme Water Separator. The FASS XWS-5000 Extreme Water Separator Transfer Tank Fuel Filter was designed to remove water, dirt particulates, and rust from your fuel storage tank or fuel transfer tank down to 10 microns.

If you rely on your equipment, don't risk the possibility of pumping contaminated diesel fuel out of your storage tank into the fuel tank on your tractor or any other diesel engine you're fueling.

The FASS Extreme Water Separator Fuel Filter is field tested and has been laboratory proven to be extremely effective at removing the water from diesel fuel. Our water separator is not equipped with a drain because the fuel filter media will positively trap the water.


  • 1-12 Inch Thread
  • Rated at 10 Micron
  • Over 99 percent Water Removal
  • Up to 25 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate