SDP 2011-2016 LML 3" Drivers side Intercooler pipe


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*These are now a 2-piece design for much easier installation. We are currently designing a 'brace' which will be an add on to the current product, it will keep the upper pipe from potentially sliding out of the upper boot when over 50psi which some have been noticing.


This is a high quality 3" replacement for the factory drivers side 2.5" intercooler pipe. The factory silicone boots are known for being weak and failing under pressure, we include high quality silicone boots that we've proven to handle over 100psi! This intercooler pipe is made to work with the factory turbo and factory intercooler pipe and is a great addition for our compound twin turbo kit on the LML's.


Expect 1-2 days before shipment in Black, or 2-3 days for any other color listed. Please request in the comments if you would like an SDP stainless badge on the plumbing.


*No refunds on custom color requests or used products

SDP 2011-2016 LML 3" Drivers side Intercooler pipe