Intake Manifold Kit for Banks 630T and 3.0L EcoDiesel Banks Power


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Take a look around on the Internet for discussions on the Banks 630T or 3.0L EcoDiesel, and you'll have a tough time finding anybody dissing this diesel. That's because this baby rocks.

So let's leave good enough alone, right? Heck no! That ain't the Banks way. If something's slow we make it fast, if it's fast we make it faster - and in this case we got rid of the stock intake's airflow restrictions and opened up substantial power improvements throughout the entire RPM range.

We designed-out the swirl valves as well as the EGR so there's nothing holding you back from getting all the power your race engine was made to deliver.

And with the lower exhaust gas temperatures, you'll be able to go long? r, harder, and with a bigger smile on your face. Hey gearheads: If you're going to run some custom tunes, you gotta look into this intake.

  • Intake Manifold Kit for use with 630T - EcoDiesel, 3.0L
  • Enhances power and durability
  • Larger and less restrictive than stock
  • Provides tremendous flow and uniform air distribution
  • Unrivaled Airflow Distribution
  • Rugged Aluminum Construction
  • CNC Port matched
  • Uses stock intake seal
  • Requires Throttle Delete Kit (part number 43121)
  • For Race Applications only, custom tune required. No instructions or support available.
Intake Manifold Kit for  Banks 630T and 3.0L EcoDiesel Banks Power