Injector Protector Fuel Additive 1 Bottle Treats Up To 35 Gallons Dynomite Diesel


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Dynomite Diesel Injector Protector is a diesel fuel additive which has been specifically formulated for your diesel engine's sensitive fuel injectors and high pressure pump. 

Users of this additive can expect improved power output, better fuel economy, longer fuel filter life, a smoother idle, improved throttle response, quicker start ups, and cleaner tailpipe emissions.

By drastically improving the cleaning and lubricating characteristics  of today's ultra-low sulfur diesel, this results in far less deposits and wear on all fuel system components.

This additive can help your engine reach it's maximum potential by reducing power and performance robbing deposits hidden within your fuel system.  Protect your investment, choose Injector Protector.

Our unique bottle will pour into any truck. One bottle recommended monthly to keep things clean or on every fill up for increased Cetane, smoother engine operation, longer exhaust filter life, cleaner exhaust, reduce injector coking and added injector lubrication.

  • 1 bottle treats up to 35 Gallons
  • Boosts Engine Power
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Increases Cetane
  • Reduces DPF cycles
  • Cleans and protects fuel system
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Promotes a more complete fuel burn
  • Not For Sale In California