Diesel Fuel 5/8 Suction Tube Upgrade Kit FASS


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FASS Fuel Systems Diesel Fuel Convoluted Suction Tube Upgrade Kit (STK-1003B) Part No: STK-1003B Universal Applications, Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax and Dodge Cummins Note: STK-1003/1003B kit will not work on 03-04 Dodge Applications Our FASS Fuel Systems 5/8 inch Convoluted Suction Tube only is intended to upgrade your existing Bulkhead Fitting (STK-1002) to pull fuel from your factory fuel basket.

The increased size will allow for improved fuel volume and the unique design uses the factory fuel basket as a suction location to eliminate the common quarter tank issue.

Convoluted Suction Tube Upgrade Features:

  • Upgrades Existing Bulkhead Kits
  • Increase Fuel Delivery
  • Elimin 1/4 Tank Fuel Issue
  • 5/8 inch Suction Tube Port
  • Pulls Fuel From Fuel Basket

This product is suggested to be installed with our FASS Titanium Series Lift Pumps that already include a Bulkhead Fitting Suction Tube Kit. The larger suction tubes and Fuel Sump Bowl improve fuel delivery and work perfectly with higher volume fuel pumps.