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2001-2010 GM 2500HD 2WD/4WD


The CST 9"-11" Suspension Lift Kit CSS-C3-9 provides clearance for larger tires, durability, and an improved ride in your 2001-2010 GM  2500HD Pickup. The CST Suspension Lift Kit requires no cutting of the differential or welding and will keep the factory track width. This CST System will drop down the factory suspension a true nine inches, ensuring that the factory steering and control arm geometry will remain within factory specifications. 
Like many of the other CST Lift Kits, the CSS-C3-9 kit includes the unique one-piece high-clearance sub-frame with strut bar supports, supported upper control arm mounts, steering drop down with heim jointed support linkage, 4WD differential drop down, or 2WD cross bar all in a high quality gloss black powdercoat finish. 
All CST Sub-Frame Style Lift Kits include a new center-link with heim supports off of the sub-frame to reduce wear and tear and add stability to idler and pitman arms. This lift kit is for the front only. Rear leaf springs or a block and add-a-leaf kit are required to lift the rear. 


37" x 12.50" or 13.5" tires, no trimming on 8"-11" wide wheels. 
38" x 13.5" or 14.5" tires with minor timming on 9"-10" wide wheels.
38" x 15.5" tires on 9"-10" wide wheels with trimming (set kit to 11")
40" x 13.5" tires on 9" wide wheels with trimming (set kit to 11")
Aftermarket bumpers greatly increase tire clearance 
Max approved/tested backspacing 4.75"
Anything larger, taller, or wider is up to the installer. 


  • 9"-11" Front Lift 
  • Improved Ride & Handling 
  • Minimal CV Angle Changes 
  • Maintains O.E. Track Width 
  • No Cutting Or Welding Required For Installation 
Notes - Please Read For Additional Required Components:
Other wheel and tire sizes will be up to the installer to determine fitment, installation, and trimming if needed. 
Trucks with 2-piece rear driveshaft require carrier shim. 
Driveshaft upgrade recommended for frequent highway use in 4WD. 
Shocks not included. 
3500HD Owners: This kit was designed and tested for the 2500HD trucks. It can be used on 3500HD and 3500HD Dually if the purchaser / installer is able to provide custom u-bolts for their application. Due to the many different spring and axle configurations, u-bolts are not included or offered for the 3500HD models.  CST doe NOT offer u-bolts for these applications. You must be able to source them locally. Custom carrier bearing spacer may be required as well.
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