CST 3"-6" STAGE 1 S.T.L. LIFT KIT CSK-C3-18-1


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CST 3"-6" STAGE 1 S.T.L. LIFT KIT CSK-C3-18-1

2011-2017 GM 2500HD 4WD


The CST 3"-6" S.T.L. High Clearance Lift Kit CSK-C3-18-1 is the perfect way to add some height to your 2011-2017 GM 2500HD 4WD. This adjustable 3 to 6 inch S.T.L. (Stock Torsion Location) High Clearance design provides the leveled look without sacrificing the ride quality or function.
We've combined our experience in off road racing with trophy truck quality engineering to ensure that your suspension will have increased strength, performance, overall build integrity and perform better than stock. Throughout the initial design and R&D process we made sure to retain the factory O.E. suspension geometry and design attributes!
This adjustable kit includes gusseted high clearance, fully boxed cross-members with a full size differential skid plate, cast-iron / CNC machined front steering knuckles, differential drop brackets, heavy duty bump stop brackets, extended sway bar end links, brake line drop brackets, all necessary install hardware, and O.E. front shock extensions. Steering stabilizer brackets are built into the kit and our stabilizer shock kit can be purchased as an optional upgrade. For the rear the 3-6" kit includes billet 1" lift blocks and heavy duty, zinc-plated u-bolts.
No cutting of the front differential is required or welding of any kind to install this kit. Retaining the factory front wheel track width allows this kit to work perfectly with all of the trucks stability assist features including the GM StabiliTrak system. The 3"-6" Adjustable Lift Height provides a level stance at 4" of lift with 1" rear blocks installed. With no permanent modifications, this lift kit requires no welding and does have the ability to be put back to stock. With superior CV & Tie-Rod angles, the S.T.L High Clearance Lift provides a stock ride, and handling. All fabricated parts are covered in a high quality gloss black powdercoat finish. CST superior quality fit, function, and appearance.


Suggested Wheel Sizes:
Most factory / O.E. 20 wheels and tires will work with this lift kit installed.
Wheels for Use With Oversized Tires:
- 17 x 8" or 9" w/ 5" BS 
- 18 x 9" w/ 5" BS 
- 20 x 9" or 10" w/ 5.5" BS 
Some higher offset wheels may work....test fitment required.
Tire sizes for use on factory, O.E. 20" wheels! 
33-34" x 11.5"
275/65/20 mounted on 9" wide wheels with no trimming (red Chevy pictured above)
Suggested Tire Sizes: 
Suspension set at 4 of lift / torsions at stock adjustment.
33"x12.5" or similar on 8"-9" wide wheels. 
315/70/17 on 8" or 9" wide wheels (at 5")
34" X12.5" on 9" wide wheels (Minor Trimming Required)
Anything larger, taller, or wider is beyond CST recommendations and up to the installer. Maximum backspacing varies by rim size (see above). 


  • Stage 1 Lift Kit  
  • Factory Like Ride 
  • Improved Handling 
  • Made In The U.S.A.
  • Increased Tire Clearance 
  • Near Factory Track-Width 
  • Maximum Ground Clearance 
  • Includes Extensions For OE Front Shocks 
Torsion Keys required for 5"-6" of lift (see related items).
Additional rear lift required for level stance when keys are added. 
Longer shocks are required when lifted above 4". 
Some models may need additional rear lift components to sit level at 4". 
No shocks included, this kit uses shock extensions for your OE front shocks. 
3500HD Owners: This kit was designed and tested for the 2500HD trucks. It can be used on 3500HD and 3500HD Dually if the purchaser / installer is able to provide custom u-bolts for their application. Due to the many different spring and axle configurations, u-bolts are not included or offered for the 3500HD models. CST DOES NOT offer u-bolts for these applications. You must be able to source them locally. Custom carrier bearing spacer may be required as well.


[FASS], [Kryptonite], [RIDGE RUNNER], [Starlite], [Airdog], [MBRP] - Kurtis Tice Auto
[FASS], [Kryptonite], [RIDGE RUNNER], [Starlite], [Airdog], [MBRP] - Kurtis Tice Auto
[FASS], [Kryptonite], [RIDGE RUNNER], [Starlite], [Airdog], [MBRP] - Kurtis Tice Auto
[FASS], [Kryptonite], [RIDGE RUNNER], [Starlite], [Airdog], [MBRP] - Kurtis Tice Auto
[FASS], [Kryptonite], [RIDGE RUNNER], [Starlite], [Airdog], [MBRP] - Kurtis Tice Auto
[FASS], [Kryptonite], [RIDGE RUNNER], [Starlite], [Airdog], [MBRP] - Kurtis Tice Auto