Banks AirMouse Ambient Air Density Sensor Module Banks Power


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Works with the Banks iDash 1.8 Super Gauge (Sold Separately) The new AirMouse Ambient Air Density sensor module measures the power potential of air entering all naturally aspirated, turbo, and supercharged engines. The mouse shaped sensor is a rugged military-grade weather station with scientific accuracy.

The waterproof module utilizes a Gortexandreg; vent to allow for precise measurement of pressure, temperature, and humidity while protecting the electronics inside. The compact sensor module mounts in the vehicle's grill or air intake to constantly monitor the characteristics of the available air, which directly impacts engine performance.

The AirMouse sends lightning-fast data over the BanksBus Network to the iDash 1.8 for monitoring and data logging.

The module adds 15 new parameters to the already impressive iDash 1.8 giving professional racers and performance enthusiasts the ability to view, data log, monitor min/max values, and set custom alerts for all AirMouse data.

  • Monitor Ambient Air Density
  • Measures Ambient Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity
  • Adds performance potential capabilities to the iDash 1.8