2004.5-2010 68mm (RACE) Billet Duramax VNT Cheetah Turbocharger (LLY, LBZ, LMM) Fleece Performance


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The 68mm Billet Duramax VNT Cheetah Turbocharger is a drop-in replacement turbocharger for 04.5-10 Duramax diesels. It comes with a Fleece Performance Engineered 68mm billet compressor wheel and high flow Cheetah turbine wheel.

This stock appearing replacement turbo is guaranteed to enhance your driving experience. You'll enjoy the spool up and throttle response of a small turbo and still get the big top end power you're looking for.

Rated at up to 825 RWHP this is the ultimate high performance drop in replacement turbocharger for your 2004.5-2010 Duramax. No Core Charge.

Please note: This is a high performance turbo charger designed for 650+hp. If you have stock connecting rods and less than 100hp injectors we recommend the 63mm Billet VNT Cheetah turbocharger.

Aftermarket tuning and aftermarket high flow exhaust are required for installation of this turbo.
Stock Appearing:

  • 100 Percent Stock Appearing. This turbocharger uses the stock housings with updated internals. This allows you to keep all factory systems intact yet allow you to safely run 40-45 PSI of boost.

Proven Technology:

  • These turbochargers are built with genuine Garrett Turbocharger parts. They feature upgraded shaft bearings and 360 degree thrust bearings. No other drop in replacement aftermarket VNT turbo on the market can offer you that.

Powerful Yet Responsive:

  • With proper tuning and fuel these turbochargers spool extremely fast, thanks to the variable nozzle technology (VNT) which allows the turbo to act smaller upon spool-up and then open up to flow more exhaust on the top end.

FPE Exclusive Billet Wheel Technology:

  • Faster Spool-Up
  • Increased Throttle Response
  • Broader Torque Curve