OBD scan read out

OBD scan using EFI Live scan and tune tool

You will need the following in the vehicle :


1. V2 or autocal handheld device
2. USB cord AND OBD II cord for autocal/V2
3. Windows laptop with EFI live downloaded (NOtablets or mac computers)


Follow the steps below


Plug autocal or V2 into OBD II on truck
Plug USB cord from laptop to autocal
Turn vehicle key to the on position (2 clicks forward not running)
Open EFI live scan and tune tool on laptop
Click F4 OBD (smaller window will open)
You should see a check mark appear that the ECM controller has been recognized.
Click “READ”
After software completes scan all vehicle data will be on the right hand side of your screen
Right click on the data & click “copy all data”
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