2011-2016 LML Duramax Exergy System Saver Installation Instructions

2011-2016 LML Duramax Exergy System Saver Installation Instructions 


Tools Needed: • T25 Torx (Preferably a long magnetic socket bit) • Serpentine Belt Tool or a Long ½” Ratchet or Breaker Bar • 15MM Socket & Ratchet with Extension Install Time: 45-60 Minutes Before Proceeding with Install, Allow Engine to cool.

Step 1: Place your Serpentine Belt Tool or ½” Ratchet or Breaker Bar into the tensioner.

Step 2: Remove Belt from A/C Compressor, Leave on all other pulleys.

Step 3: Remove the four 15MM Bolts that bolt the A/C Compressor in place.

Step 4: Without Disconnecting any connectors, maneuver the A/C compressor slightly forward to allow for room behind it.

Step 5: Take your T25 Torx and Carefully remove the two bolts that hold in the Metering Valve. Careful to not drop the two bolts. It may be smart to have a little magnet tool handy to fish them out as well.

Step 6: Now, Once the bolts are removed, grab onto the Metering Valve and pull up, it should pop out.

Step 7: Unplug the OEM Metering Valve by pressing on the connector and pulling back.

Step 8: Plug the connector back into the Exergy System Saver and put the System Saver in place. Step

9: Now for getting the two bolts back in. You’ll find its easier if your Torx Bit is magnetic to hold the bolt, but if not, that’s okay. Grab some electrical tape and wrap the bolt and Torx together like shown. 

Step 10: Tighten the Two Bolts that hold the System Saver. Don’t overtighten as they may break.

Step 11: Ensure the Connector has been securely fastened. Position A/C Compressor back into place and bolt back down.

Step 12: Loosen the belt tensioner back up and slip the belt back on the A/C Compressor, ensuring the belt is still on all other pulleys.

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